Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"Why The Future Doesn't Need Us"; by Bill Joy

Joy's thesis is that technology is getting too advanced for our own good. Eventually technology will surpass us & the human race might be in danger. In a way we will eventually be put into a "catch 22". We will become so reliant on technology that to turn them off would "be equivalent to suicide", and if we don't they may overtake us. I believe that a lot of the concepts were thought out and good ideas, but I also feel that this whole article was a bit much. It seemed to take this whole situation to the extreme and it began to sound like the rantings of a scholarly but fearful and paranioid man. Which is similiar to BNW. In BNW Huxley took the scenerio to the extreme to make his point. He might have done this driven by fear and paranoia, just as Jill did. Both BNW & Joy's piece give scenerios for the future. Both seemed to be worried about the iminent future and what it holds. They would both agree that it is a bleak one fromt he path we are taking, but I believe that both have faith that there is a way to change this. Both pieces seem prove as insightful warnings for what they see as the future. Joy feels that this controlling & technological future can be avoided by either the government taking complete control and slowing down the advancement or "pace" at which we are inventing and perfecting technology, or society as a whole becoming less dependant on it. Joy also asks questions that forces the reader to answer for themselves. This seems to involve the reader on a different level and may cause him/her to look deeper into his theories. I believe that this adds to his claims and ideas; making them that much more substantial.

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